You will need
    • Squid
    • chips for Smoking
    • drug for Smoking
    • salt
    • the grill or smoker.
Smoked squid rings in the convection oven
First you need to prepare the carcass of a colossal squid cleaned of films and viscera. Put the carcass in a bowl and cover with boiling water. The film will be reduced and cleaning will be easier. Then rinse the squid thoroughly from all sides under running water.
Then boil the carcass for a few minutes, then remove and drain them. Squid cut into rings or strips and lay on average lattice aerogrill. In stimmer, special tray, put alder chips and moisten it with a little water and a drug for Smoking. Put stammer on the upper grille.
Turn on the convection oven at a temperature of 230 degrees, set the average speed of the fan. Smoke for 10-15 minutes.
To prepare the squid in smokers are best suited shavings and sawdust of deciduous breeds of trees, they decay and give a lot of smoke. Use wood of beech, alder, ash, the only exception is birch, and aspen. Birch produces a lot of resin, and aspen gives the product a bitter taste.
The exquisite taste of the squid will give added at the end of the Smoking process, the Heather, juniper, cherry leaves, sage, rosemary and mint.
Smoked squid usually hot, it is more simple and fast. Pre-carcasses should be cleaned and washed and a little salt. Squid is not a fish, proclivity a long time, it is not necessary, so post it in half an hour in the smokehouse. Readiness can be defined by color - the Golden hue will be enough. Stored this squid hot smoked long, max a couple of days.
During cold Smoking in inpatient smokers squid thoroughly grease and then smoked with cold smoke temperature of 20-40 degrees. The duration of the Smoking process 1-2 days, stored squid smoked for a long time, up to four months.
The final result mostly depends on the correctly chosen temperature Smoking, and compliance with process time. Of course, smoked squid not too simple and fast, but the result will exceed all expectations.