You will need
    • 1.5 kg pork belly;
    • 2
    • 5 tbsp. salt;
    • 60 ml maple syrup;
    • 1 tbsp of mustard seeds;
    • 2 tbsp whiskey;
    • black pepper to taste;
    • 70 ml of the chips of Apple tree (or alder
    • cherry);
    • smokehouse frying pan or wok.
For Smoking it is better to choose chilled meat of a young animal. Perfectly suited for smoked pork (bacon, without bones, neck or shoulder). Take the meat and rinse it thoroughly under cold water. Then dry it with a towel.
Now prepare the marinade. For the grain mustard, fry until Golden brown in a dry pan. Then crush them with a potato masher or the wider part of the knife blade (can be ground in a mortar, but not very finely). Mix maple syrup with salt and whiskey, pepper and mustard seeds.
Mix and carefully RUB this mixture a piece of meat. Put it in a plastic bag, and then from the package remove the air. Tie off and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for three days. Several times turn the meat in the package.
After three days remove the meat from the marinade and cut it into two parts. Clean from the grain of mustard. Arrange the meat on the grill so that pieces do not touch and were at a great distance from each other. The smoked portion will take approximately two hours.
Prepare the smoker. On the bottom put sawdust or chips of Apple tree. Do not take spruce and pine sawdust, as they can give the meat a bitter taste. Fire during Smoking should not burn, otherwise the dish will taste bitter.
If you don't have a smokehouse, take a wide pot or wok. On the bottom place a layer of foil and sprinkle it with wood chips or sawdust. Next, put the meat on the grill, and the one you use for cooking steamed vegetables (from the grill).
Cover pot and put on fire. As soon as you feel the first smell of smoke, then immediately reduce the heat to low. So keep Smoking about a couple of hours. Watch for readiness.