You will need
    • Goose;
    • Two cutting boards;
    • Axe;
    • Salt;
    • Bay leaf;
    • Garlic;
    • Black pepper;
    • Juniper;
    • Cinnamon;
    • Ginger;
    • Sugar;
    • Vinegar.
At first, the carcass of a goose should be treated. This goose needs to be cleaned, to pluck the remaining feathers, gut it, and cut in half lengthwise.
Then the goose should be flat. For this half of the carcass is placed between two kitchen cutting boards and beaten with butt of axe in such a way as to flatten the bones and joints.
Next, the thus prepared carcass needs to hang for drying. If the meat does not survive on air, it can get tough after Smoking. Please note that you need to hang meat in a cold room, with temperature not above +10 degrees.
After hanging the meat will need to be placed into the brine so that all the meat was covered with brine. It is prepared in the following manner (per carcass): in boiled warm water add 0.5 tbsp of salt, 2-3 Bay leaves, 2-3 black peppercorns, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, a few dried juniper berries, cinnamon, half tsp of dry ginger, 1 tsp sugar, 3 tbsp 30% vinegar. Additionally, the brine boil is not necessary. Brined bird will vymachivanija about two days.
Then marinated poultry meat can be smoked. Heater must be well heated before placing meat.
Goose is usually smoked longer than the chicken, as it fatter. Readiness is determined by piercing the meat into thin long needle or appearance of the skin.