You will need
    • chicken legs;
    • oil lamp;
    • sawdust of alder;
    • spices.
Smoking gives the chicken legs specific, spicy taste. Initially, the Smoking products were used to increase shelf life. There are two ways - smoked legs - hot and cold. Smoked ham is better for slow smoldering wood or sawdust fruit trees. Well suited of forest trees alder. Before beginning the Smoking process, prepare the wood where you are going to smoke our meat. Type in the woods of small alder branches, which are ideal for Smoking hot. If not near alder trees, buy in store sawdust of alder or fruit trees.
Before Smoking, rinse the chicken legs under running water. Then a set of spices that includes salt, pepper and seasoning for chicken, RUB with poultry. The number take the legs as much as part of your heater. After salting the meat, put it on 5-6 hours in the refrigerator. After the legs have sacrilice, remove them from the refrigerator and Pat dry. Put the meat to dry out.
Kindle fire. To choose a good fire of dry birch firewood. Ideally suited the branches of the oak. At the bottom of the oil lamp, lay alder twigs or sawdust. Chicken legs on the grill place so that they do not touch each other. Install the grill with the chicken meat inside the smoker trays, and close the cover.
Put the smokehouse on fire. For smoked chicken keep medium heat. Ten minutes after the start of the process of Smoking remove from heat the lamp, and open for 2-3 seconds cover. This will give the opportunity to remove the bitterness, with ready-made legs. Again close the lid and soak the oil lamp on the fire for 30-40 minutes. To determine the readiness of smoked chicken legs, remove the smoker from the heat and check with a fork, if the meat is prokoptilas. This should not be of blood, and the juice extracted chicken meat should be transparent. After that you can remove the smoke from the fire, and get smoked legs.