You will need
  • Passport or equivalent document, the cadastral passport of the land title document.
The first step is to prepare all available documents of title. To them in this case are the Act on granting the land plot issued by the public authority, or
certificate of the citizen of the land, issued before 2001 by the authorized body of state power. In the absence of these documents, you can contact the local authorities for an extract from the household book.
If no cadastral passport, or it is out of date, ask for new in cadastral chamber. Within five days from the date of application, you must be given a new cadastral passport of the land plot. Now you have to carefully compare the data of the cadastral passport and your title document. Area and permitted use of the land outlined in both documents must match. Error can creep in to the writing of the names of the copyright holder. If you find the slightest discrepancy, then you need to go back to the cadastral chamber, and submit a request to correct a technical error. This hotfix is also available within five working days.
Next you must make a copy of the legal document and pay the state fee for registration of ownership of the land. This payment can be made at any Bank or at a terminal in the service state registration. Now we have to write a statement of registration of rights to land. This is done with the help of specialists of state registration. After the application is accepted, you will be issued a receipt from you of all required documents. In the receipt the date when you should come for the Certificate on the state registration of rights to land. Testimony must be made after 30 calendar days after receipt from you application.