Sanitary processing.

Buying a puppy from a dog breeder, a member of your club, the purchaser is always sure that his pet did all the necessary vaccinations, and he is healthy. About the dog in the street to say, and because it is, first and foremost, you need to take him to a veterinary clinic for an examination. There the doctor will issue an opinion about the state of her health on the basis of the performed inspection. If the dog is deemed healthy, of all the medical procedures she will need to carry out deworming, treating for fleas and ticks and to vaccinate.

It should be noted that dogs taken from the streets, have better health than their purebred relatives, and have no genetic diseases.

After a visit to the veterinary clinic pooch must be well washed with a special shampoo against fleas, clean ears, eyes and, if necessary, trim the nails. The last procedure is best done not alone, but also in the veterinary clinic.

Daily care and accessories.

The dog must have its place. It can be located near the front door or somewhere in the living room, but it must be clearly marked. For these purposes, suitable baskets or mats. When processing dog from fleas it also must be processed to avoid re-infection. In addition, the litter should be regularly cleaned of faded wool.

In place of feeding put two bowls for food and water. Water should be changed daily. As for the diet, dogs are very undemanding. They are happy to eat the same dog food and food from your master's table. Prerequisite - vitamins. They are given either with food, or as a reward for good behavior. Also the dog needs to regularly provide funds against Tartar.

For walking a leash and for dogs of medium and large sizes a mandatory muzzle. A day should be at least two walking. This is not the limit - all dogs love contact with the owner and because they can take long walks and even Hiking.

But occasionally a pet is left alone. So he is not bored and started to spoil things, he will need toys. It may be a trivial ball or a special soft toy that can be enough to drag and shake.

Care of the pooch is a little different from caring for any other purebred dog. Except that it is somewhat easier, because mutts are less whimsical and have a strong innate health. But according to the degree of attachment to the host they are ahead of their club compatriots. The dog taken from the street, will never forget it and will become its owner's most cherished friend.