You will need
  • Mercury or electronic thermometer (thermometer)
For measuring you will need a thermometer, it can be electronic or mercury. If you have a mercury thermometer, after checking the temperature of the body be sure to shake it to reset. If this is not done, then after some time the thermometer begins to inflate the results. Electronic thermometer is the most accurate and safe method to measure body temperature.
Mercury thermometer keep it between 3 to 10 minutes. For electronic thermometer requires a bit less, usually 1 to 3 minutes. More precisely the recommended time of measurement is indicated in the device manual. The rest of the process for mercury and electronic thermometers is no different.
To know the temperature, take a thermometer and hold it under my arm. The skin should not be sweaty, as in this case, the readings will be incorrect. The fact that eye-catching sweat has a higher temperature than the body itself, so the results on the thermometer will be high.
Insert the thermometer under the arm, press the arm against the body and until you measure the temperature, tightly hold. Soon the thermometer appears accurate reading. To increase the measurement time for the old mercury devices, which over time become slower to react to temperature change.
Another way to keep the thermometer be inserted under the knee. Bend one leg and hold the thermometer the same as under the armpit. Easier to do it lying down.
Small children can measure the temperature rectally, inserting the thermometer in the ass baby. Better to do it with an electronic thermometer, as long procedure the baby will withstand hard. Keep in mind that rectal temperature always slightly higher than the armpit or under the knee.
While the child is asleep, the temperature can be measured and under my arm. To do this, warm the thermometer in his hands that the kid woke up from the cold touch, then gently insert it under his arm so as not to Wake or he would not lie still, and the temperature measured will not happen.