You will need
  • - room thermometer;
  • - representative ZHREU, TSZH or a management company.
If you want to know the temperature of the air in the apartment for General information, find a comfortable place in the house for a permanent place the room thermometer. In commercially available models that can be hung or put. Choose what works for you. Place the thermometer in any place of the house where there is no direct effect of high or low temperature of local character. For example, it is not necessary to hang a thermometer near the stove or battery, to put in the draft.
If your apartment is cold and you want to be act this, act like that. Call a representative ZHREU, TSZH or a management company, depending on who is responsible for the maintenance of a living building, where the apartment is.
Make sure that appear on call employee of these organizations makes a measurement by the device. Make sure that the thermometer was placed at a height of 1.5 m above the floor and at a distance of 1 m from the exterior wall. Require measurements in each room. The time during which we should expect changes of temperature – at least 10 min.
The results produced by the measurements require the act. It can be issued on the letterhead or on a plain sheet of paper. It shall specify the place, date and time of compilation, the persons present and the one who made it. The document recorded the exact measurements of the air temperature. Act shall be signed as formed his face, there and other persons who were present at the temperature control. The act, signed without comment, indicates your agreement with its contents. Therefore, if you do not agree with showing the information, enter it in the act.