Bless the bride as her parents and the groom's parents. First, a sign of that letting another family, the second showing his willingness to take the girl to a new family. In order to perform the ceremony, buy icon (unless, of course, are not going to transfer to the younger one that the parents gave you). Most often used of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and of Jesus Christ, although the Church does not provide specific regulations on this matter. You can choose the image of any Saint.
If you are the bride's parents, you should bless a daughter before she goes to the Registrar. Try, that in the sacrament was not present strangers. If the blessing takes place on the wedding day, you will retire with the young guests.
Take the icon so that the faces of the saints were directed to the young. Take care not to touch the icon with his bare hands to keep her put with the help of a towel–towels.
Speak words of encouragement and crossed an icon of the bride, allowing her then to kiss the image. Repeat the same procedure for the groom. Then crossed both of her children, wanting them to create friendly, strong family, as befits a true Christian. It is important that you say farewell was sincere, otherwise they will lose their power, or rather did not find it. Better abstain from the sacrament, not sure if its needed or not believe in God.
If you are parents of the bridegroom, bless the young after they register their relationship. Before the wedding was celebrated in the house of her husband, now often in the Banquet hall, so you can perform the rite are not traditionally at the threshold of his home, and right in the restaurant. The main thing - not a place where turning to God, and how treated.
Bless the young, and then invite them to taste of bread and salt, that is, submit a wedding loaf. After this is done, place the loaf on the table, and next to it an icon. When the holiday is over, the couple will take the way to your home in order to protect their family from adversity. And how their life pans out would depend not only on icons, but whether the husband and wife to follow parental counsel.