You will need
  • Knowledge of Church etiquette
When meeting with the priest not to say "Hello" and strive to shake hands. Devout members ask for a blessing, bow at the waist, touching the ground, and say: "Father John, bless". To be baptized however. If you don't know the name of the priest can say: "Father, bless". The hands folded palms up: right hand over left. The priest applied the sign of the cross with the words "God bless" or "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit" and puts his right hand on the palm of your hand. The response is to kiss the hand that often confuses novorochennyh parishioners. Shy is not worth it, because, lobesa the priest's hand, you are touching invisible to the forthcoming Christ, who blesses you. The same rule applies when parting with the priest.
The blessing appropriate to ask before a long trip, in difficult circumstances, for example, before a surgical operation. An important meaning of the blessing is the permission, permission, farewell.
According to etiquette, to the priest upon "you". This is expressed in reverence and awe. Tactless to ask for blessing by the priest during the service, when he goes to the place of confession or baptism. If a member meets a priest on the street, to ask for blessings. But if the priest is busy or in a hurry, it's advisable to bow. The deacon assistant priest blessings don't ask. If you want to access it, you might say, for example: "Father deacon, will there be tomorrow a christening?
If you want to invite a priest home for performing religious rites, it can be done both in person and on the phone. In a telephone conversation also call "Bless me, father," and shall state the nature of the request. Ending the conversation, you need to thank and, again, ask for a blessing.
Turning to the priest in writing, used the form "Reverend" (when referring to the priest), "the very Reverend" (when referring to the Archpriest).