Advice 1: How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is an obsolete, but still used unit of temperature. To the 70-ies of the last century it was the main in many English-speaking countries. Currently used only in the United States, Belize and Jamaica, for domestic purposes. Are marked the degrees Fahrenheit symbol "°F". Point melting ice on the Fahrenheit scale corresponds to +32 °F and the boiling point of water: 212 degrees F. Zero degrees Fahrenheit is determined by the temperature of the freezing mixture of ice, water and ammonia, and a hundred degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to human body temperature. To convert degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit use the formula is simple and many online services.
How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
You will need
  • a calculator or computer
To the temperature specified in degrees Celsius convert to degrees Fahrenheit, multiply the number of degrees Celsius on 9/5 (or 1.8) and add to the piece 32. As a formula this rule would resemble the following:
TF = 9/5 * TC + 32, or

TF = 1,8 * TC + 32, where:
TC – the number of degrees Celsius,

TF – the number of degrees Fahrenheit.
For example, the Fahrenheit normal temperature of the human body. The generally accepted normal temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 degrees Celsius. Substitute the number of 36.6 in the formula, we get: 1,8*36,6+32 = 97,88...

Maybe under normal temperature Fahrenheit (scientist, after whom the temperature scale is named) meant 37 °C? Substitute in the formula 37. Work: 1,8*37+32 = 98,6.

This discrepancy some researchers explain that in time, the control measuring the temperature from Fahrenheit wife had a fever, the other – the temperature measured in the mouth, and not in the axilla.
For the conversion of degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit take any calculator or run the standard calculator operating system. If no calculator, take paper and pencil and do the calculations "manually".
If there is a computer with Internet access, log in to online services offering translation degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

For example, you type in the address bar:
and enter in the window the number of degrees Celsius. Then, click on the "Calculate" button. In the list that appears, select temperature "Fahrenheit".

The advantage of online converters is the automatic calculation of the result and the ability to translate degrees Celsius into degrees in the other temperature scales (Kelvin, Reaumur, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, römer).
If you try to learn from Yandex: "how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit", the zero line of the issue will receive a response: 1 degree Celsius = 33.8 degree Fahrenheit. This wise statement can easily be misleading, as it refers only to one degree Celsius (i.e., the reading of the thermometer, not the scale).

Advice 2 : How to translate Fahrenheit into Celsius

In our time, to measure temperature scale uses Celsius and Fahrenheit, the latter used mainly in the USA and the rest of the world uses Celsius. Translate the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to usual values of Celsius in several ways.
How to translate Fahrenheit into Celsius
To convert thermometer readings from one scale measure to another, use the following formula:
Scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius, from the original number, subtract 32 and multiply the resulting figure by 5/9.
From Celsius scale to Fahrenheit – multiply the original number by 9/5 and add 32.
Many mobile phones you can find the application "Converter". This application is able not only to translate pounds to meters and rubles to dollars, but to translate the temperature values from one scale to another.
In addition, you can use the online translation services of different values. To do this, go to one of the sites:,, www.nolik.ruselect the type of measure and enter the temperature reading in Fahrenheit. The system will take the numbers to values on Celsius scale.

Advice 3 : How to translate Fahrenheit into degrees

In the world there are three main measurement scale temperature scale Celsiusscale the Fahrenheit and the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale used primarily by scientists. In most countries to measure temperature using Celsius. Zero in Celsius is accepted freezing point of water and 100 degrees is the boiling point of water. This scale is used in medicine, engineering, meteorology, in the home. In England, the USA and some other English-speaking countries used the Fahrenheit scale.
How to translate Fahrenheit into degrees
One degree Fahrenheit equals 1/180 part of the temperature difference between the boiling point of water and melting of ice. In order to convert a temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius of the Fahrenheit temperature, subtract 32, and the obtained value to divide by 1.8. C=(F-32) / 1,8. - Temperature Celsius F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Give some compliance.
1. 0 degrees Fahrenheit -17,8 corresponds to degrees Celsius,
2. 32 degrees Fahrenheit correspond to 0 degrees Celsius
3. 212 degrees Fahrenheit degrees correspond to 100 degrees Celsius,
4. The body temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 degrees Celsius, or 98.2 Fahrenheit.
In order to convert a temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Kelvin, you must add to the temperature in Fahrenheit 459 and the resulting value divided by 1.8. K=(F ? 32) / 1,8. To ? temperature in Kelvin. It should be noted that zero degrees Kelvin is the temperature of absolute zero. Absolute zero Kelvin is the minimum temperature that can exist. This temperature corresponds to -271,15 degrees C or -459,67 degrees Fahrenheit.
The temperature of absolute zero. -459,67°. -273,15°. When translating Fahrenheit to Celsius from the original numbers subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9.
Useful advice
Absolute zero, the temperature at which a thermodynamic system has the lowest energy, 0 Kalinov (K). Celsius temperature of absolute zero corresponds to -273,15°C in Fahrenheit scale is -459.67°F. This temperature is the lowest theoretically achievable by the system. Gas at constant temperature reduction is less.
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