If the founders of the organization decided to remove from position the General Director, they should be sent to the address of the place of residence of the first persons of the company information letter with the notice. This letter is sent no later than a month before the planned date of removal from office.
Within a month of going to the Board of founders and shall render its decision in the form of a Protocol. It shall contain the names, names, patronymics of the persons present at the meeting, as well as the full name of the company, address of its location. Document is assigned a number and date that corresponds to the actual date of the meeting. Signing authority are the President and Secretary of the constituent Assembly in the Protocol are written in full their surnames, names, patronymics. The content of the document prescribed the decision to remove from position the current Director and to appoint in his place a new one.
Acting Director issues an order on dismissal from the post himself, signed it and sealed by the company. The company terminates the old Director of the employment contract on the basis of the Protocol of the constituent Assembly. In the workbook is removed from the position of company chief personnel officer makes an entry of dismissal shall assign a series number records the date of dismissal, the reference to article of the labour code and the base, which is the Protocol of the constituent Assembly or the order of dismissal. Puts the number and date of one of the documents. The entry in the labour book certified by the seal. HR introduces her retiring Director under the bill.
Within three days, a new Director shall notify the tax office about the removal from office of the previous head, presenting a copy of the company Charter, the Protocol on the appointment of the dismissed Manager, the Protocol decision about changing the first person of the firm, certificate of registration of the organization, extract from the unified state register. In parallel with the old Director р14001 fills out the form, fill in the details of the company on the first page, your details on the sheet W, which indicates as the reason of inclusion the termination of the mandate.