The appearance of the barcode ignorant person nothing to say. In addition to the usual lined rectangle, the bar code can be both narrow and short. Some codes and all are printed without numbers. Such reductions of the encodings permitted, but rather as an exception. Most manufacturers strictly adhere to a standard coding system, where each digit implies specific data.
The bar code is the European standard consists of 13 digits, the first two of which denote the country. Five - the code of the manufacturer. The remaining numbers tell you about the consumer characteristics of the product:

1 - the name of a product

2 - consumer features,

3 - mass,

4 - composition,

5 - color.
Extreme digit is a control and is used to authenticate the code.
How to identify bar code manufacturer
To compute a fake or a genuine product before you, sufficient to carry out the usual arithmetic calculations using the numbers of the barcode. Add the numbers in the even positions. Their sum and multiply by three. Then add the numbers from odd places, except the last one. Now sum the two previous results. From this amount, cut the first digit. Subtract the result from 10. You should get a figure equal to the control (last in row). If they coincide, the you original. If not a fake.
Unfortunately, the quality of the product the availability of the barcode is not affected. This marking is created exclusively for manufacturers, not for consumers. However, inquisitive and attentive consumer can still calculate by encoding the manufacturer, or rather its country. But there may arise some difficulties. Country of origin written on the label may not match the bar code of the country, and it does not mean that you bought a fake. Many companies produce goods in one country and registered in another, or open to third country branches.
So, look at the first two digits of the barcode. Value-producing countries:
- 00, 01, 03, 04, 06 - USA, Canada;

- 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 – France;

- 40, 41, 42, 43 – Germany;

- 49 – Japan;

- 50 - UK and Northern Ireland;

- 54 - Belgium and Luxembourg;

- 56 – Portugal;

- 60, 61 – South Africa;

- 64 – Finland;

- 70 – Norway;

- 72 – Israel;

- 73 – Sweden;

- 76 – Switzerland;

- 80, 81, 82, 83 – Italy;

- 86 – Turkey;

- 87 – the Netherlands;

- 90, 91 - Austria;

- 93 – Australia;

- 460 - Russia.
To use a barcode to get directly from product manufacturers, will need access to the Internet. Since 1999, there is GEPIR - a unified information system global register. Every consumer on the official website may request information about decoding the barcode. Go to Russia or the home page of GEPIR and enter the code of your goods.