Pay attention to the first two or three digits of the bar code, they denote the country of the manufacturer of the product. For example, if the goods are manufactured in Russia, will be the first to digits 460; if in Turkey – 869, Ukraine – 482, etc. detailed code tables and the respective countries of the manufacturers you can find on Internet sites devoted to this issue.
Look at the next four or five digits of the barcode, they contain encrypted information about the manufacturer of the product. They are firms making the bulk purchase of the product.
Consider the following five digits in the code. They give information about the product, its consumer properties, the sizes, weight, color. This information is more necessary for wholesale purchases made by large firms than for retail customers.
Note the last digit of the barcode. Is a control digit, which is used to monitor the correctness of the barcode scanner. If the control numbers you see in the encoding of item sign " > " means that the product is manufactured under license.
Determine the authenticity of the product. For this you need to check: whether the check digit specified in the code received during a certain calculation algorithm. Follow these steps:

1. Fold the figures standing in the barcode on even ground;
2. Amount received multiply by 3;
3. Put the figures standing on odd places without control numbers;
4. Add the numbers obtained in paragraphs 2 and 3;
5. The resulting drop in the number of tens;
6. Subtract 10 from the number, which turned out in clause 5;
7. Compare the number obtained in paragraph 6 with a control number in bar code - if it does not match, then the item fake.
Use computer programs to check the validity of the barcode. With the help of them you can also get information about what country delivered the goods. Similar programs are running in online mode and submitted to various Internet sites devoted to this issue.