People with green eyes are assertive, tough, stubborn and consistent. They are principled and single-minded, a bit conservative, but may change their views under the pressure of circumstances. They are real workaholics, and spare no effort to achieve goals. Do not aspire to be leaders, but often become them thanks to their professionalism and ability to find the right solution of any issue. In love, they are permanent only if you will find your ideal and love seriously.
Blue-eyed people – most of them romantic and dreamer, constantly daydreaming about love. Women are very sensitive to external manifestations of feelings – they like beautiful courtship with bouquets, champagne. Prone to depression, which can fall even over trifles, and prone to frequent mood swings, irritation are irritable and short-tempered. People with blue eyesand can often be found in the artistic environment. Those in the color type refers to the Spring or Autumn, have a more permanent and easy-going, less Moody and capable of deep feelings.
Owners of gray eyes – the workers. They are distinguished by high intelligence, thoughtfulness and curiosity. They are practical and realistic, firmly on his feet. Gray-eyed people can be rather dry and restrained, but they can always rely on. If you find yourself in a circle of people about whom they care, you can feel like a stone wall. In those situations when you need not mind, and endurance or insinuation, they are not strong because they do not have neither the physical strength nor developed intuition. In love differ constancy and faithfulness.
Brown-eyed – attractive, sensual and witty. They are temperamental and quick-tempered, but the bitterness in my soul does not stay long. Differ sociability, are drawn to them people. The nature of their capricious, you can start a business and drop it without completing. By their nature, the owners of brown eyes is very amorous, but, sometimes, their feelings are cooling as fast as light.
People with black eyesand have a strong energy, have a restless nature, proactive and very resilient. In relation to the object of his love, showing strong passion, with hasty and wrong decisions. If they had something planned or wanted, there are no obstacles to achieve their goals for them. Do not understand or accept failure.