Blue-eyed people possess distinct leadership qualities and thrift. As a rule, when making decisions, they are guided by common sense and logic. These qualities allow them to identify the most favorable solution that can bring the greatest possible value. Even the romantic side of life of these people is heavily influenced by logic, causing serious relationships and even marriage are often perceived by them as a project from which you want to get maximum profit.

However, despite the practicality and prudence that is inherent to the owners of blue eyes among them are quite rare to come across a greedy and petty man. Also, studies show that the level of intelligence these people are often significantly higher than their peers with a different eye color.

Personal life

As partners, blue-eyed people often choose holders of hazel or green eyes, but with the help of this blue-eyed partner they get along much worse. Blue-eyed people are eternal children and dreamers. At a younger age they dream of fairytale princes and princesses, but with age, these dreams leave a strong imprint on the minds of owners of blue eyes, which from the partner they are always looking for something unusual tale that goes beyond the ordinary. It is very difficult to conquer this dreamer the usual courtship.

Mood blue-eyed person can change at the speed of light and practically does not depend on external circumstances. Introspective, these people constantly analyze the situation and often leads to disappointing conclusions that can lead to resentment and a deep sense of dissatisfaction with life. Despite such vulnerability, blue-eyed representatives of humanity are trying to keep this as private.

Interesting facts

Even historically blue eyes attracted attention and not always in a positive way. In the old days the owners of the blue eyes was associated with magic and was persecuted by the Church for making public the expulsion of the devil. This fact is also interesting, considering one of the features of the human body. Almost all newborn children iris has a blue tint. However with time the eyes, in most cases, acquire a different shade, and closer to the age of the iris brightens again.

Whatever it was, but today the owners of the blue eyes are unusual and attractive, and their cold gaze fascinates and captivates.