What is the magic of green-eyed sight? His power and depth: a spectacular cover of the eye, filled with rare melanin, like permeates, and energy attracts and fascinates. No wonder it is believed that people with green eyes are born hypnotists.

The middle ages

On earth there are three historic areas where the resettlement of people with the gene for green eyes.

First – the ancient East. Especially Urartu and the khanate of Khiva. Hence the gene has spread among the peoples of the Caucasus. Currently intact, it is preserved to a greater extent, the Chechens, since they have always tried to avoid mixed marriages with other Nations, and among the Armenians living in the mountainous villages.

In second place is the territory of modern Poland and Western Ukraine where the gene was passed on to the Slavs, Germans and peoples of Baltic countries. However, its distribution is severely weakened the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

In the middle ages of torture and the fire almost without exception were destined holders - especially holders - green eyes. Their owners even could not be red hair, equally unloved by the Inquisition. In those tough times for any Jesuit green eyes was undeniable proof of jademacalla.

Who knows, maybe is not so wrong were the Jesuits? Because, as a rule, the chloropid gout fly, like cats, in which they according to legend, transformed into a full moon and special days a witch can bewitch itself without the charms and potions - with just one look.

Often unstable individual men, whoever they were, even by the Pope, ready to rush in those eyes of Aki in the pool with his head. However, what is the female heart is also not a stone: a closer look green-eyed men many can deprive of fortitude and will to resist.

Characteristically, according to medieval beliefs, it was thought that someone, and holders of green eyes can't jinx it. However, if they curse, their curse has a special impact on the whole family to the seventh generation. Therefore, sending to the stake of crude wood green-eyed witch, they often scored in the mouth gag of oakum.

The third distribution center gene is located in Russia - Baikal. And also in Northern Mongolia. From the original inhabitants of these lands can still be found blue, green and yellow-green eyes. By the way, the great conqueror Genghis Khan, according to contemporaries, "had cat eyes that changed color from blue to dark green. That's why his family called "Bordzhigin", which means Zelenovka.

Nature and modernity

Centuries passed, medieval Inquisition has done its dirty work, and now in the European territory of the globe not easy to meet the owners of green eyes. And still they occur. And when we do meet up here and have to wait for a dirty trick. The fact that the nature of chloropid gout fly - people are extremely creative. And not just creative, unpredictable and creative and stubborn, always gets his way.

For example, among the fundamentally hidden from the General public and known only to a small circle of street-artero as among roofers, people risk and artistically gifted – many individuals with selenosis view of the world.

These people strive for fame and popularity: the stars of cinema and show-business. And as if fate rewards them for something known only to higher powers.

Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Evangeline Lilly, Tilda Swinton and Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Jon Hamm and Clive Owen, Bruce Willis and Joaquin Phoenix - they are all people with a difficult character: purposeful, unpredictable, diverse and fascinating, feline and seductive koldowski beautiful.