The shape of the face. Round face suggests that its owner is a good - natured, gentle man. People with square faces confident and determined, they yearn for fame and often succeed in career. Triangular face suggests that its owner is cunning, intelligent and resourceful. Such people are rarely real friends, because they don't value people. The face in the form of a trapezoid indicates the optimism and kindness of human nature. Rectangular face shape gives a person the practical, prudent, purposeful.
Eyebrows. Broad, thick eyebrows speak about the kindness and generosity of the man. Very often people with a broad strong eyebrows, capable of rash acts, have a passion for different adventures. People with narrow eyebrows often diffident, modest, kind. For them, the important role played by the public opinion.
Eyes. Large eyes speak of an open nature. Narrow eyes describe a person as self-contained, uncommunicative.The color of the eyes can also tell a lot. Green eyes characterize man as passionate, jealous, always achieves their goals. Blue-eyed people are often unbalanced in themselves, they are long in life can find themselves and their place, are amorous. Gray-eyed people - lucky, always looking for profit. Brown-eyed people are very charming and loveable. The windiness of their passes with age.
The shape of the nose. People with healthy, straight nose is very powerful. They strive for domination and leadership in the family and in career. With them it is not easy to communicate. The nose speaks of the cunning man. But such people are very charming. Snub-nosed like to spend money and not know how to save, they are emotional, vulnerable character. People with nose-"potatoes" fun and carefree. Subtle nose speaks of romance and affection of its owner.
Lips. Thin lips say that a person is able to lie, but he is very careful. If the corners of the lips lowered down, this suggests that people tend to fall into depression and melancholy. Plump lips - a symbol of sexuality, compliance, softness.
Chin. Prominent chin suggests that a person has a strong character, remarkable intellect, great will power. People are "without chin" are of weak character and inability to withstand life's challenges.