According to statistics, in the world lives just 2% of green-eyed people. However, this figure seems a little unrealistic, but green eyes are indeed rare. The man with beautiful green eyes usually have flexibility of character and ability to adapt to any circumstances. Besides, green-eyed people possess a keen intuition that allows them to perfectly understand the nature of others.

The nature and interests of the owners of green eyes

To an outside observer it may seem that the owners of green eyes are calm and balanced character. However, inside they have a raging volcano of passion, simply they are inherent in the perfect composure. In addition, the green-eyed people are distinguished by persistence, commitment and ambition. They always achieve the desired result.

Often such people have analytical mind and great perseverance. Therefore, they make good accountants, economists and financial analysts. But, of course, mysterious green eyes can give its owner far more than one talent, so they have often a hobby which they give almost all their free time.

Where it comes to the feelings of green-eyed people are very vulnerable and touching. They literally dissolved in his love, but from a partner I hope to receive the same. If this happens, they can quickly be disappointed. They want a sincere and harmonious relationship built on mutual understanding and absolute trust.

Superstitions associated with green eyes

Since the days of the medieval "witch hunt" preserved the superstition that green eyes is endowed with sorcerers or witches. The most characteristic feature of witches was considered a spectacular combination of green eyes and red hair. Interestingly, in the acclaimed books, Rowling similar lines endowed with Lily Evans, mother of Harry Potter, transferred by inheritance to his son his beautiful green eyes.

Perhaps because of the color of their eyes, such people are often compared to cats. Like these mysterious animals, green-eyed people seem to be strong and independent, but on closer acquaintance are found to be soft and open. By the way, they, like cats, think skilful manipulators.

In fact, people who nature has gifted us with amazing green eyes, are very different. However, they are always fun. They have fine intuition, and a truly magical view of the world. However, sometimes they behave like children, but this is their special charm.