Dark brown or black eyes

Holders of this color of eyes differ with excessive activity. Have endless energy and initiative, they are quite impulsive and adventurous. I constantly set high goals and achieve them. Such men seek leadership and power, want to be the first always and everywhere. The approval of others is very important for them, otherwise these people simply lost the desire to move forward.

People with Kareem and the black color of the eyes can be sensual, sexual, tender. They love to be the center of attention. Know how to please others, exuding endless charm. Such people are well adapted to life and are able to cope with difficulties on your way. Owners dark eye colors easy to fall in love and do everything possible to attract attention to any object, although they are very selective in their sympathies. Know how strongly and sincerely to love. But the enemy of the people is better not to get. They may be the instigators of the conflict, but resentment and forgotten them quickly. All of these qualities are most evident in people with very dark, almost black eye color.

Hazel eyes

The difference between dark brown and light brown eyes may not be so noticeable. However, this does not apply to characters of the holders of such eyes, as they are significantly different from each other. People with hazelnut eye color prone to loneliness are often shy and plunge into the world of their fantasies and dreams. They are not vigour and initiative, I prefer to stay away. Pragmatic, so they are able to show good results in work and labor. Such people are responsible, it is easy to trust any business with full confidence in his success.

Owners of hazel eyes strive for independence in all things. This feature helps them to focus on their business and achieve great success. They do not tolerate outside influence, prefer daydreaming being active. Do not show initiative and prone to laziness. To others it may seem that such people are flexible and soft, but inside there is a constant desire to do his will. Because of their nature, are most successful when you rely only on yourself and your strength.

According to experts, people hazel eyes are pretty sensitive and sensual. Because of this, they grieved resentment and conflict, though not show it. Such people are amorous and tender.