Ideal suitcase is construction with a rigid bottom, on wheels, with telescopic handle, the ability to close a Luggage key or combination lock. The volume of the suitcase depends on the amount of your Luggage. If you are traveling alone, you will only need a small suitcase - it is very roomy, despite its small size.
To pack in a suitcase should in a certain order, at the right moment you were able to quickly get the necessary things, didn't wrinkle.
In the bottom of the bag put the things you will need soon. It can be fun, like, books and magazines, linen, beach accessories (if you go on vacation at sea).
In order to in a suitcase trousers, not much wrinkled, there is a little trick - fold the pants at the bottom of the suitcase so that part of the leg peeking out. Top off with other things and then cover them on top of the remaining part of the pants.
Put things into a thematic order - the sweatshirts to jackets, shorts shorts, etc. So it will be easier to find the right thing.
All the little things add up in a package and place on the sides of the suitcase.
The big question is shoes. It is better to lay down in the bottom of the Luggage. So when lifting the suitcase, the shoes don't slide down and not get mixed up with things. Each pair put in a separate package.
At packing things in a suitcase, there should be no voids around the edges. They will be rolling things in transit. Such a void it is better to fill with something crease-resistant - scarves, hats, warm clothing.
Top in the most accessible place should be the things that you might need on the trip. Better to put them in a separate package.
With great care in suitcase you need to carry liquid hygiene items - shampoos, gels, perfume etc. they should All be tight fitting lid. Each bottle should be placed in a plastic bag and tie. All items put in a plastic bag.