1. Estimate the volume of the suitcase and its cost: how much the reputation of the manufacturer corresponds to the price? If you fit the suitcase this? Choose the suitcase so that you don't have to take a few bags with the things to not fit.

  2. Pay attention to the material of the suitcase. Synthetic fabric of nylon and polyester fibers is not afraid of moisture, dirt and scratches (it is advisable to buy a suitcase with water-repellent impregnation). Suitcases of plastic with a metal crumb feature high strength frame, but the material itself is afraid of scratches. But plastic with a titanium chip is not afraid of any bumps, any scratches or other mechanical damage. Elegant leather bags that look the most presentable, are much less practical – first, they are considered the most severe, and secondly, the skin is easy to tear or scratch.

  3. Do not buy a suitcase whose wheels are on the same axis. Every wheel should rotate independently from each other, but the most practical are considered the suitcases with four wheels. It is best to choose a suitcase that is equipped with a brake-locking: in this case you should not worry that the suitcase can either roll away from you. The wheels of the suitcase needs to be metal, as alloplastiki wheel less reliable.

  4. Models of Luggage can be very different, but one of the most important characteristics of each model is the location and the quality of the handles. In most cases, the bags are equipped with one telescopic retractable handle two fabric or plastic handles. Therefore, choosing a suitcase, check how each of them "in the hand". Fabric handles reinforced with metal rivets and stitched with durable nylon thread, and telescoping handle during transportation needs to be completely immersed in the body – in this case, it won't break.

  5. Note the zipper and other zipper: it is preferable to choose the bags with a plastic zipper, as it is much more resistant to temperature than metal. The wider the fastener the better: the most reliable is the closure of a width not less than 8 mm.

  6. Take a close look at castles: how reliable is it? By the way, in high quality and expensive models of Luggage are usually several castles: one is code and the other closed with a key. Buying a suitcase with a mounted combination lock, reinsurance and purchase immediately a couple of similar locks in reserve. If the padlock fails, you can always replace the spare.