Advice 1: How to fold a suitcase before a trip

You have coveted or not ride. And of course, the first thing you in front of her do - pack a suitcase. Ways to collect the suitcase could be a thousand, for example, awake to cast aside everything that came in the package, but this method is quite effective. Let's try to collect things more organized.
How to fold a suitcase before a trip
To begin, decide what you take. Put all the necessary things in advance or write a list. Review the items again and fold the most of all unnecessary. Never take things with words: "And suddenly wear!" You are unlikely to be useful 10 pairs of shoes in extreme or an eventful sightseeing trip. Do not forget about essential things, for example, you go to a new country, see if there is any sudden change of weather, if so, take appropriate things.
With things decided, now you add them. On the bottom of the suitcase, put the heaviest and unnecessary in the way of things. Then put everything else. All things are better twist in the form of a dense cushion, so they take up minimal space and is less likely to wrinkle. The main thing to do right cushion, to do things properly first spread, large can fold in half lengthwise, and then twist the roller. Things in a suitcase lay a tight, small objects can be placed between large.
The top of the suitcase, pack things that can be useful on the trip. Documents and money put in your hand Luggage. All household chemicals and cosmetics Packed in bags, so nothing was scattered and didn't spill.
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Despite the breadth of design thinking, very often you can meet people with suitcases as you have, so think of the badge, hang tag or color your Luggage.

Advice 2: How to pack in a suitcase

Even in the small case can fit a large amount of clothing, if you can learn to compactly fold. The ability to efficiently use free space in a travel suitcase is indispensable for any traveler who values your comfort.
How to pack in a suitcase

Going on vacation, people usually try to bring everything you need. Very often travelers fail to properly plan your vacation and to think about what things they will need in the road, and what will be extra weight. As a result they have to carry heavy and bulky suitcases, stuffed to overflowing with unnecessary things, half of which people don't even use during the journey. In order to bring you only pleasant emotions, you need to learn to efficiently use free space in traveling bags and plan ahead what you will take with you.

The most difficult is the selection of clothing and shoes. It is not necessary to put in the suitcase a dozen fancy blouses, if you go to sea for a week. The same goes for footwear: fashion high-heeled shoes will take a lot of space in your bag and wear them succeed a couple of times, if the appropriate occasion. If you are not sure whether you are going on vacation to visit expensive restaurants, theatres and social events, do not bring uncomfortable shoes and evening wear. These things take a lot of space, they are impractical, they can not go every day. Select in advance a couple of sets of comfortable clothing in which you will be able to enjoy the sights and to travel without being distracted by heavy Luggage. It is better to bring things that wrinkle. In this case, you can pack them tight and compact, not worrying about what fabric will wrinkle. Iron is provided in any hotel, but isn't it better to save yourself from having to iron clothes on holiday?

At the bottom of the suitcase, you must put things that you just do not need on the road: warm clothes, towels, spare linen sets. Travel first aid kit and personal hygiene products it is better to place the top in direct access so you could use them.

Bulky items of clothing you can roll into a tight rolls and pack into clean plastic bags. Shirts and t-shirts stacked on top of each other and turn together. Things will occupy less space in the bag, which means you can place them more efficiently. In addition, plastic bags for clothing will help protect things from wetting and dirt. A package is convenient to keep various small items: bottles of shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, books for the road. All liquids that may accidentally open and stain the contents of the bag, you have to pack in a waterproof film.

Do not fill the suitcase to capacity. On vacation, you may want to purchase gifts for family and friends, so leave the bag a bit of free space to accommodate the new purchase.

If you are bringing expensive equipment (camera, camcorder, laptop), don't put it in the suitcase. Such things are better to carry in a separate bag, which also should be based on the documents and tickets. On the plane a bag with equipment and documents you need to take in your hand Luggage as you will not be able to vouch for the security of your property, if you pass values into the Luggage compartment.

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