Surely each of you remembers a beautiful, velvety cover with carved flowers made of cards, with a rustling tracing paper between the pages of wedding and anniversary album,s their parents, grandparents, albums, which contains the brightest, most impressive and best pictures of their lives. Why don't you do the same and start to create your own commemorative album, or an album for the birthday boy (a friend, a parent, etc.)?
Collect all the pictures, starting from childhood. This first steps, and pictures in diapers, a trip in first class and going to College, it was a wedding and birthday parties, it parties with friends and meeting another New year, the birth of kids and walk with them, work and leisure throughout life. Remember – the most important thing here – the memories, the funnier and more interesting photos for the albumand the brighter memories, feelings and emotions.
Think of each specific series of photos of your little comic verse. If you write poems you get bad, you can take the help of professionals or simply to take them from the Internet to one or the other.
Click view photoalbum. It is important to take into account the number of pages, which later will be supplemented with photographs or not, it is important to consider the material, format, layout (magnetic, cardboard, etc.), mounting photos and other details.
Glue or attach the photos in an album in accordance with the baht and the events from birth to present anniversary.
Complete your albumby adding photos suitable nakleechki, carved figures, memorabilia, you or hero of the day (depending on whoever produced the album) values. It can be children's drawings, clipping from tracing, herbarium (donated to first flower), tickets for trips, crafts, etc.
Paint the album page in the albuma) with markers, watercolor, beads or other ornaments, making a kind of individuality and sophistication of the subject.
Fantasize, create, improvise and you will succeed.