You will need
  • Paper, cardboard, fabric, PVA glue, thread, Gypsy needle
Select the paper for the album depending on the material that you will be in this draw.
The leaves fold in a pile, back away from the edge (1 cm from the side where the spine will be) and draw a line. Mark on it the location holes for stitching: it should be placed at the same distance from each other, not too rare to album not falling apart. Make holes with an awl.
Promazhte glue the other side of the stack of sheets, which will be the spine. Place the paper under the press for a couple of hours.
Gypsy take a needle with waxed thread. The threads must fit the style to the album and not to be too thin (otherwise they will cut paper). If no waxed thread, take any other and treat it hard wax. Sew the block paper normal stitch 'forward needle".
From construction paper cut a rectangle whose width is equal to the thickness of the album (+2 cm have to be bent and glued to the first and last pages), and height – the height of the leaves. Stick this strip on the spine – it protects it from rapid wear.
Cut cardboard parts, equal to the value of the album. Glue them to decorative paper or fabric. Stick these skins to the first and last pages of the album.
So the album was not disclosed unnecessarily, attach the elastic band. To do this, in the back cover before you glued it, cut two holes about 3 cm from the top and bottom edges. Paste the gum, the ends of her secure with glue. Then glue the cover to the last sheet of the album.