Advice 1: How to make an album for coins with your hands

Anyone who just started picking up coins, you have to think about storing your collection. The larger the collection, the greater the need for special albums for coins. These albums are beautiful and well tailored, but often too expensive. Many can't afford it. You can make an album and with his own hands. The cost is negligible, but if you make the effort, and look like the album will be beautiful. The convenience of a self-made album that you can make the cells exactly the size that you need.
How to make an album for coins with your hands
You will need
  • - transparent files (those that are used for document storage and are sold in stationery stores);
  • - folder;- a sheet of A4 paper;
  • pencil;
  • - clip;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - a wooden or a steel ruler;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - stationery tape.
To make album take a sheet of clean paper, best A4 and the denser the better, raschertite it into squares of the desired size. The size of the squares should be slightly larger than the size of a coin. You can make different boxes for coins of different denominations and size. Or to focus on the large coin and make the same cells. Please note that after bonding of the cells, their size slightly reduced. Future cell your album. Put down a lined sheet of transparent file, and under it, another sheet of paper. Then staple all three sheets of paper clips.
After that, take a soldering iron, heat it well and then slowly and gently glide them along the lines that you drew on the first sheet of paper. For most accurate lines, especially if you have little experience in owning a soldering iron can put wood or steel ruler on the line, and keep the soldering iron along it. This eliminates irregularities in case suddenly hand tremble. Keep on the same line two or three times, but be careful not to melt the file. When ready, the paper leaves will fall off.
Normally it takes time to adjust, to make things right, to lay straight lines and not to burn yourself a plastic file. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not will be, perhaps, the first couple sheets and you mess up, but then when you got the hang of it, you will succeed.
When the sheets cells are ready, proceed to the next stage. You need to make special slots for coins. To do this take a sharp knife, scalpel or razor and carefully cut a slot in each cell from the back side.
In order for the coins not falling out of the bin, use transparent stationery tape – simply seal the incision line after the coin invested. It is easy to remove if you need to get the coin, and it is almost invisible.
Then filled with coins leaves, place in a suitable size under the folder so that the line of incision, sealed with tape, was on the back side.
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Advice 2 : How to make an album for banknotes with his own hands

Bonistika – a fairly well developed view of the world of collectibles. But, like all collectors, people interested in collecting the banknotes, require special accessories for his Hobbies. First and foremost this album to store banknotes. Of course, they can be purchased in the store, but much more interesting to make this album their own hands.
How to make an album for banknotes with his own hands

From file folders

The easiest way to make an album to store bills – to use the folder with the files. These folders are sold in any stationery store. Plastic folder already contains sewn or glued in it transparent files.

In order to convert a folder to an album for the storage of banknotes, you'll need a soldering iron. Divide each file into two or 4 pieces. Drag soldering of fine lines, i.e., solder file at the marked locations.

When dividing the file height in two compartments for storage of banknotes ready. If you're going to divide the file into 2 parts across the width or on the 4 parts, you will have to cut holes in order to insert in the separation of the bills. In the first case, the incision is better to do on the side, and the second from the bottom.

The folder itself you can leave as is, or decorate an affordable and convenient way for you - pasted colored paper, lined with cloth and then just buy the cover. This album will allow you to admire the banknotes from both sides, without removing them. Instead of folder with the already built-you can use file folder file folder and transparent file.

Of the files and cardboard

For the manufacture of the album is of Board and files you will need a transparent folder files, cardboard sheets of the same format and a soldering iron or a sewing machine. Mark the cardboard. Attach to the cardboard. Because the file is transparent, the marking will be clearly visible. Drag soldering iron or prostrochite on a typewriter in the planned lines, so you will solder/reattach the file to the cardboard.

You can attach spaced on both sides of the cardboard sheet in the file and to hold a soldering iron/sew is. In necessary places to make the incisions in order to insert the banknote. Then collect the finished sheets of your album for banknotes in a folder or sew. The album cover also can be decorated in any way. The disadvantage of this album for the bills is that the bill will be visible only from one side.


For the manufacture of album for banknotes made of cardboard you'll need cardboard scissors or box knife. Mark the piece of cardboard the size of banknotes. In every corner make a cut diagonally. The parts of the bill need to be inserted in these incisions.

Properly prepared sheets of cardboard need to be collected in a folder or flash. If you make between the cuts for the corners of the rectangular opening, the part bills will be visible from the other side of the cardboard sheet. The disadvantage of this album is that the corners of the banknotes will be slightly bent.
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