Photobook is a combination of a photo album with an unusual and original author's design and a thematic story unfolding in its pages. In addition, the photos in the photobook are printed on the pages, making it more creative and personal gift than a simple photo album. In order to create a photobook and print it on paper, you'll need a selection of images in jpeg format in the best quality and high resolution, as well as Adobe Photoshop to correct photo.
The easiest way to find the program in which you can impose the pages of a photobook and create a design layout. Such programs usually have a lot of design templates books, and using them you will save your time, but posting pictures in personally, you formed order and form the book according to our own designs, you make it more individual and exclusive.
Choose the number and size of the pages of the forthcoming book, as well as the number and size of uploaded photos, the pre-amended where necessary in Photoshop.
Already uploading pictures to the program to create a photobook, then add to the scope of the harvested patterns, ornaments and pictures, and also set any background for each page of the book.
Make the original photo captions, with a beautiful font, add verses and congratulations. After the work on the layout is finished, make a cover and see all pages the layout for errors, and then save the workbook.
In any center of digital printing you can print your book in a more modest version and a small size, and a Deluxe version with a hard cover.