Review the photos and determine their size. For the same size photo get the photo album ready to sections, photo cards. If size different, buy a photo album corresponding larger size photos, without branches. Better if the tiles with adhesive backing and foil, and fixed on a metal ring.
Decide in what form you will present the photo album. For the anniversary album, it can be calendar months, train cars intended for different moments of the life of the birthday.
Think of the cover design of the album. Use their skills and handy tools. Say you decided to dedicate the album to the first year of a child's life. Make a beautiful inscription of foil, tie the hook all the cover, glue in the bulk of an application of children's toys, etc. All do it in moderation, because the appearance of a photo album should be consistent with the expectations of further viewing.
Select the best and most interesting photos. Place them in chronological order. For wedding album photography begins with the bride preparation to the celebration, followed by its redemption, the ceremony in the registry office, celebration at the restaurant.
The first page will be devoted to the culprit (or culprits) album. Will post a photo of the celebrant, child, bride and groom, etc., and then – in accordance with the development action.
Well, if the album does have captions. If they are not, get creative. Here you can write wishes, to celebrate a particular moment in the image, to write poems, paste excerpts from the scripts, pick up jokes, etc. the desire to make the page more colorful using photoshop and still the same available material.
Enter photos of objects related to the event. In a children's album about the first years of a child's life, you can put birochki from the hospital, in wedding – any subject with the bride, in the anniversary script, etc.