To make your photoalbum alone is difficult. Better to gather a small company in which each will be noted for a certain part: poetry, photography, making of the album.
Put some sheets of cardboard of A4 size. Perfect number – the number of years of the anniversary and two more for the cover. Another strip of cardboard to prepare the spine. Calculate its thickness, based on the total thickness of the cardboard book.
Fold the cardboard sheets (without cover) one another. Bend and straighten at a distance of 2-3 cm from the right broad side. Drill along the fold line a few holes. They must match exactly in location and size. Through each of the resulting "tunnel" thread a thin coloured satin ribbon. Tie it with a knot. So join the page through all the holes.
Glue precisely on the fold line, glue to the cover and spine. Cap cover gold paint or colored paper.
Stick on each page a few pictures in chronological order (pictures one year on one page). Blank space cover with foil or colored paper on top of a beautiful font, write comments.
The inner side of the cover adorn with applique, paints, sequins, beads and rhinestones. On the last page write a wish for the future. Edges of pages (sides) cover with shiny paint.