You will need
  • - ice;
  • liquid for washing dishes;
  • - Scotch;
  • - iron
  • - a blank sheet of paper;
  • - washing powder.
Before washing the affected items, remove first the main sticking mass. The less it remains, the better it will wash out the stain. It is a well peeled off, you must freeze it. To do this, put gum on a piece of ice or put jeans in the freezer for a couple of hours. After the fabric has hardened, take it out and crumble chewing mass with a sharp object.
To get rid of the gum , and using the masking tape or Scotch tape. Well stick it to the stuck ground, and then abruptly otderite. After this part of the gum should remain on the adhesive tape. Then press a clean section of tape. Do so until then, until the jeans will not remain particles of gum.
Then proceed to remove remaining after the gum spots. Pour a few drops of dishwashing detergent, which copes with various spots. Wait a few minutes. And then wash the jeans in a normal wash cycle.
The remnants of the gum can be removed and a hot iron. But you can do it only on light-colored cotton jeans. Synthetic from the hot iron can melt, and badly painted – shed. Put soiled clothes on the Ironing Board, place on the spot a blank sheet of white paper, then place the top well red-hot iron. From these actions, the gum should melt and it will be easy to remove.
Do not wash the jeans in very hot water. The gum is not affected, but the pants, especially dark blue, I can strongly shed. And do not use oil funds – they can stay fat and ugly stain, which then will have to fight.
If the stain is ingrained too strongly and can't remove at home, take the victim thing to the dry cleaners. There certainly cope with this problem.