Look in the surge tank, which check the level of antifreeze. It should be between the minimum and maximum clipping. If the fluid is below the required level, then perform the refilling of antifreeze to the desired mark.
Remember that antifreeze needs to be of high quality, which is suitable for aluminum engines. Be careful to use the same brand of fluid, because constant change can lead to corrosion and to defects in the cooling system.
If you see that the tank is completely empty, and there's not a drop of antifreeze, then check it the level in the radiator. To do this, Unscrew the radiator cap. Remember that let out pressure from the system by unscrewing the cover counterclockwise. Be careful to not remove the cap when hot antifreeze, because in this case the jet can seriously burn you.
After checking the coolant can replace coolant if not satisfied with its quality. To do this, make sure that the radiator and engine are cooled down condition. Remove the drain plug and drain the coolant.
Then push the hose onto the special bolt which is in the back of the engine compartment. Pour the same antifreeze in the radiator, do it before the start of the neck. Close the cap and start the engine, wait until it warms up, and stop. Add coolant to the reservoir was completely filled.
Turn on the air conditioning or climate control for the greatest cooling. After that, stop the engine and check the level of antifreeze in the radiator. If necessary, perform refilling of liquid. Do the same with the climate control to maximum temperature. Make sure that the level of liquid were at a constant level.