Antifreeze can be poured into a car radiator or reservoir, especially designed for this purpose. For example, on the car VAZ-2109 and 2108 expansion tank, where to fill coolant located under the hood near the battery. To be precise, you look for it in the engine compartment.
Pouring antifreeze, ensure that he rose to the highest level possible. In addition, you need to regularly check the reservoir remaining volume of the cooling fluid.
Before pouring it into the coolant reservoir or radiator, they merge the remnants of the old fluid, and only then filled with new. This must be done carefully and with caution. Pouring coolant from time to time close the radiator cap or expansion barrel, gently massaging the upper radiator hose, this will allow you to expel the remaining air from the system.
The expansion tank is designed for coolant, not all car brands located under the hood. For example, in 2107 it is possible to detect directly under the driver's seat, namely in the left side of the engine compartment. On the location of the expansion tank in your vehicle can be found in the manual, which should be in every car.
Determine where you will pour the antifreeze, you will need to learn to assess the condition of the old cooling liquid before replacing it. This can be done by eye or by using a hydrometer. In addition, it is important to know what brand of antifreeze is suitable for your car.