"Seize" fume. This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of smell. Because the fume largely released through the mouth, so you can eat, chew sunflower seeds, chew a leaf of mint or parsley.
You can reduce the amount of acetaldehyde. To do this, drink 5 ml of walnut oil or linseed oil. They envelop the mucous membranes of the esophagus and oral cavity, upsetting the persistent smell of fumes.
Well to eliminate odor and helps the following means: take 200 g of pure water and 5 g of salt, mix well. This brine should be thoroughly rinse your mouth after rinsing the odor will not be sharp.
Take a few leaves of Bay leaf. Chew them for 5 minutes, the smell of the fumes should be solved forever. Then just chew mint gum, the discomfort will be over.
Drink water with lemon juice and honey. Well can help the sage tea. These funds will not only quench thirst, but also help remove alcohol and its breakdown products from the body.
Flavored coffee is also able to kill many of the odors. Brew strong coffee and drink in small SIPS. For some time chew the coffee beans, the lemon zest, dill, Melissa.
Some believe that the smell of fume can be eliminate other unpleasant and pungent smell, for example, onions or garlic. Of course, the volatile nature is able to cope with an alcoholic smell, but will the people "fragrance" is no less a kind of flavors?
Today in drugstores special preparations which liberate man not only from the smell, but also help to quickly restore your health. They contain ascorbic and succinic acid, soda, additional flavors.
If you have time, do exercises and take a contrast shower. Then drink a strong Cup of coffee. If you suffer a headache take aspirin. The sooner you will be back in form, the less it will smell of fumes.