You will need
  • - toothpaste for dogs;
  • brush or cotton pads;
  • - greens;
  • - crackers;
  • - bones to clean the teeth;
  • - soda.
It is possible that the breath is not anything serious. After all, what a person thinks is disgusting, for the animal can be a captivating aroma. Watch your pet and make sure he doesn't push waste out of the garbage and was not picked up on the street soured the rest of the meat and herring heads. If the problem of unpleasant smell in this, it is easily solved – take the dog outside in the muzzle and isolate the trash.
почистить зубы собаки в твери
Inspect the mouth of your pet. There are no teeth of plaque, Tartar, is not inflamed if the mucous membrane? If a dental problem is still there, purchase a special toothpaste for dogs. You can also purchase a dog tooth brush or you can use the nursery. It is also convenient to clean the dog teeth cotton pad, applying toothpaste on them. Include in the diet of dog biscuits of dried black bread, and a special dog bones that help in cleaning teeth.
избежать зубных болезней у собак
If in the mouth the problem also was not found, think about the diet of your pet. Did you feed him something new, after which came a breath? The dog may be individual intolerance even fresh and quality food. Include in the diet of the dog greens – parsley, alfalfa. Finely chop it and add in the usual food of the animal. The chlorophyll contained in herbs, not only improves digestion, but also freshens breath.
как и чем чистить зубы той-терьеру
If bad breath occurs in a puppy, let's see, did change the teeth of your pet. At this time, dogs may also experience excessive salivation and fever. To get rid of the unwanted smell you rinse the puppy's mouth with a weak solution of soda.
Как меняются зубы у собак
If teeth brushing and diet, helped your pet get rid of the smell, be sure to show it to the vet to eliminate the possibility of a more serious disease.