Service "In full confidence" is quite a convenient option for those who do not have time to Fund your account, but at the same time it can render unkind service. It will allow the cyber criminals to speak at your expense on your phone until then, until it reaches the disconnection threshold.
Another reason for frustration if you activated a paid subscription. If you do not see, and time has not abandoned them, your account will be charged more money than if the threshold were set to zero rubles, and one penny.
This service many subscribers of MTS at the time connected automatically to disable the limit, you need to choose the most appropriate method of action. You can go to any operator of cellular communication of MTS, with a passport. If the room is decorated for someone in the cabin must come to the person with whom the contract was made. Explain to the employee the problem and he will disconnect the service "In full confidence" on your room phone.
Also connect or disconnect the service by using their cell phone. Dial: *111*32# and press "Call". Wait for the message confirming that the disable limit. Another version of self – control limit the use of Internet assistant.
Go to the official website of MTS and tap the link "Log in" in the upper right corner of the window. Enter the username and password in the designated fields. If you do not have a password or you forgot it, you will receive a new password by clicking the line link "Get password". The phone number that you specified in the field "Login", you will receive a message with your new password.
In personal Cabinet, open the tab "Internet assistant", then select "full trust" and section "activation/deactivation of the service". Following the instructions on the screen, walk a few steps to disable the limit on my phone number.