Decide on what the rules will be to choose a domain name for the future site of the hotel. The task will be difficult, because the short and sonorous names have long occupied. Some companies began to actively use the domain name with a hyphen.
Consider the English word hotel (hotel). You can add to it with a hyphen, the name of the hotel and get a great domain name like hotel-mars.
This approach leaves freedom in choosing the name of the hotel. Now you can not worry about the euphonious name of the future site. A hyphen can connect and other English words.
To select the name of the hotel do not have to carry out brainstorming sessions. There is an interesting technique, like a game. Make a list of 5-7 nouns. By the end of the list add the word "hotel".
Ask any person to participate in the game. You call a noun, a person should not hesitate to call the Association. The word "hotel" Association may be the word "comfort" or "warmth". At the 2nd step, you specifically put the word "hotel" to the end of the list so people pre-trained to call the Association to other words.
Repeat the 3rd step with different participants. Write their answers on the word "hotel". Spend the game as many times as necessary to obtain a long list of associations.
Thank each person for participating and tell him you helped. Ask him to play with their friends. Let them give you a list with the answers. People like to participate in simple games and to help.
Of the received words select a suitable name for the hotel. Let's see how it will look in the site name and check free domain name.