Before you open a travel Agency, remember that in the Russian market there are two types of such companies: tour operator and travel agent. The formal difference lies in the fact that the tour operator forms a tourism product and the travel agent sells it for a Commission paid to the tour operator. Agency activities are not subject to licensing, as these companies act as intermediaries between the tour operators, organizing the rest, and customers purchasing vouchers.
To register a travel Agency, it is necessary to register as legal persons, to find suitable premises, to enter into contracts with tour operators, hire staff and advertise. In General, registration of agencies is practically no different from creating any other legal entity.
Much more complicated is the case with the registration of the tour operator. To do this, you, as a legal entity must have financial security in the form of the contract of insurance of a civil liability or a Bank guarantee for the amount for tour operators in international tourism - 30 million rubles, and inbound tourism is 10 million rubles on domestic tourism – 500 thousand rubles. However, this does not mean that this amount must be in your account. You only need to insure their activities on that amount. The insurance rate is about 0.4% per year, i.e. for international tourism - 120 000 rubles. Information and the tour operator entered to the Unified Federal register of tour operators.
Check the travel company will be 6 to 12 thousand rubles depending on the region and the complexities of paperwork. Some entrepreneurs in order to overcome the starting problems, prefer to buy ready business. Be prepared for the fact that ready for a travel Agency you will be asked from 1 to 1,5 million roubles. In principle, it's not so much the amount, but it allows you to purchase a business with established commercial, office, client base.
Remember that the organization of work of the travel Agency connected a large number of legal matters requiring the attention of specialists since its opening. This statement of account and document management, drafting of agreements, tax schemes, defining the procedure of interaction with clients, etc Therefore, carefully analyze the tourist market, find out all the nuances of its existence, hire qualified staff, and in the event of any doubt, seek the advice of to specialists on legal and financial issues.