You will need
  • - the advertising budget;
  • - slogan, name and logo;
  • - access to the Internet.
Clearly identify your target audience. Have a clear idea on what class people are the target of your tour. This will fundamentally depend on your success. If, for example, your firm is located in a residential area, then your target audience will be families who want to relax on the coast. Use mainly the mechanism for local marketing, i.e. work with those people that are close.
Create a memorable logo for your travel Agency and plan an advertising concept. Always remember that people are most vulnerable to the sonorous name of the brand. It is necessary to untwist! Despite the fact that you will be advertised everywhere, you need to think carefully about the name. So the first thing you do you create a name and logo.
Start the website of a travel Agency. He's not worth a lot of money nowadays, but is the hallmark of any organization. Update your site with information about the company as often as possible and add useful things to your audience. The site should have a clear structure, to be informative and easy to use. No need to place advertising for other companies.
Study thoroughly the performance of your closest competitors. Definitely explore the work of firms that are near your office or in one area. Ask the third party why customers go to this Agency, what is their advantage over you. Then work on weaknesses in your organization and offer your customers more favorable terms. Different from others, bring something new.
Make your advertising budget after you complete the previous steps. If you have insufficient funds, but you want to attract many customers search the Internet for free ways of alerting the public. Fortunately, now such methods of great many. After the first profit run an advertising campaign online in Yandex-Direct. Will also buy advertising space in the city: piratage, message boards, posters in public places.