You will need
  • - pipette
  • - disposable syringes
  • - tweezers
  • - food for juveniles
Food for Chicks may be liquid or solid. Recently valuewise from the egg. the mother of the goitre spits up partially digested food that you can replace a semi-liquid porridge. Just do not cook semolina or rice, look in trade a special powder that must be diluted in accordance with instructions.
Wash your hands thoroughly. Type the mess into a syringe, put it next the pipette filled with water.
If the bird sits in the nest, wiggle it slightly, mimicking flown mother. In response to the wet behind the ears widely opened his beak, in which you will just have to pour the feed. Ensure that the tip of the syringe looked right in the throat and not under the tongue. After feeding pour in the beak a few drops of water to wash away his uneaten food.
Chicks feeding on larvae or worms, you should feed with tweezers. If Chicks do not open the beak in good faith, will have to help them. Take her in a fist. Gently, but gently lock it.
Your other hand's open beak, insert the index finger holding hands, nestling feeding ready. Take the food with tweezers, put it deep in the bird's mouth and immediately sprinkle water from the pipette, to trigger the swallowing reflex.
Make sure that the chick was not lying on his back, otherwise he will choke. No need to force feed the bird as soon as you feel the fullness of goiter, feeding can be stopped. Acting carefully, you will be able to grow Chicks until when he will be able to eat the offered food.