Before visiting the Solarium to find out how long ago was lamp replaced. If the new bulb, reduce the time of the visit.
Assume that the Solarium should be courses of 10-12 procedures a day. Per year visit the Solarium is not more than 50-60 times.
For the first time spend in the tanning bed a minimum of time. Then gradually increase the duration of the session, but be sure to consider your skin type.
A good salon will offer you the personal protection of the hair and intimate areas of the body. Use them when you visit the Solarium. Be sure to wear glasses. Women after the age of thirty need to close the chest.
Clean the skin from makeup. Conventional makeup contains UV filters that protect the skin from the sun. Cosmetics will prevent you to get a tan and can cause irritation. Treat lips hygienic lipstick, so as not to overdry them.
Do not use perfumes and deodorants before going to the Solarium, to avoid allergies.
Before you begin the session, remove your jewelry. If you wear contact lenses, remove them too.
Do not plan a day visit to the Solarium other cosmetic procedures. Especially traumatic, such as exfoliation or waxing, a visit to the baths. It's too much load for the skin and body.
Use special cosmetics designed specifically for tanin the Solarium. After use moisturizing creams and lotions. You can also use means that the effect of fixing the tan.
Never visit a Solarium for two days. On the day of the tanning session, avoid staying under the open sun.
If you are prescribed any medications, carefully read the instructions. Some drugs can cause allergies or skin pigmentation.
If you plan to tan using a Solarium, pre-be sure to visit a dermatologist.