The Solarium is a device, which has an impact on the skin ultraviolet alpha and beta particles. It is the ultraviolet light causes tanning effect, the richness of which depends on skin type and length of procedures.
The main thing you need to understand each before visiting the Solarium is the duration of each procedure should last 5-10 minutes. If you want to achieve a rich tan in one session, then do it will not work. And at the wrong time calculation, you can get even skin burns.
Tan after the first visit to the Solarium manifested usually during the day. A light shade may become noticeable after a few hours. In this case, the main role is played by the type of your skin.
Under the influence of ultraviolet rays the skin starts to rapidly produce a substance called melanin. This process is the cause of sunburn. If your body has freckles, thanks to the Solarium to get rid of them. The melanin in these areas of the skin manifests itself several times faster.
The quality of the tanning depends on the tanning beds or the duration of each procedure. The main role in this case play specifications UV lamps and their number. It is therefore better to visit a few showrooms and compare the result by selecting the most suitable equipment.
The skin on different parts of the body differ in their sensitivity. The inner side of the arms and legs tan slower than the shoulders, back, face and legs. For even tanning experts recommend the use of special creams.
The duration should be calculated also depending on, you sunbathe without underwear or in it. The skin on the breast and lower abdomen has high sensitivity, so I set the tanning time more than 10 minutes is not worth it.
Many people mistakenly believe that the main symptom of sunburn is redness of the skin. But not in the Solarium. If the sunburn is redness, this is considered a symptom of burn injury. From the Solarium in this case it is better to refuse for a while, and the resumption of the sessions to reduce the duration of each procedure to the minimum.