How to prepare for the Solarium

In order for the tanning has brought only benefit, visit your doctor and ensure that this procedure is valid for you. Some diseases incompatible with strong ultraviolet radiation. Obstacle to the Solarium will be hypertension, dermatitis, various liver diseases, taking certain medications that increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Going to the Solarium, take care to protect their skin. Taking a shower before a session, do not use soap, so it destroys the fatty protective film, without which you run the risk of burn. Hair removal should also be done before, not immediately before you need to get to the salon. Do not try for one session to become a "chocolate" - use a special protective cream, which, although will reduce the action of ultraviolet light, but it will protect your skin from exposure and dehydration. Conventional means, protecting from UV rays that you used to enjoy summer vacation, are not suitable. Cosmetics must be specially developed for tanning session.

How long you can sunbathe

The number of minutes that you can spend in the tanning bed depends on the type and condition of your skin. If you are pale with many freckles, your skin easily reddens and burns even in the weak sun, you are a natural blonde or light red, you are advised not to sunbathe, and use the bronzer in order to get the desired shade. If you are resolute in their intention to visit the Solarium, your first session should last no more than three minutes. Subsequent should not exceed ten minutes.

Fair-skinned and fair-haired girls with freckles at least you can spend under the lamp a little more time. This type also burns pretty quickly, so the first session is recommended to make a short – just three to five minutes, but then the time under the lamp can last up to fifteen minutes.

For girls with pale or olive skin, but dark brown, chestnut or black hair, you stay in the tanning bed can last up to twenty minutes. If you have a good transfer time in the sun and almost never burn, then after a couple of sessions you will get a luxurious tan. Despite the fact that you perceive the ultraviolet, do not forget to use protective cosmetics, and after each procedure, moisturize the skin, so she was not only beautiful but also healthy.