Before you decide for the first time to cross the threshold of the Solarium, make sure you have no medical contraindications to visit. If you have any chronic illnesses, consult your doctor. The artificial tan is better to forget if you suffer from diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer, and also caught a cold and did not have time to recover or are taking potent drugs, including antibiotics.
The Solarium is harmful, if your body is a lot of moles and freckles. But if you made any procedure with skin (cleaning, waxing, polishing, etc.), you will have to wait until the skin recovers.
If there are no contraindications, try to choose a good specialized salon whose employees are not indifferent to its reputation. After all, you want to become more attractive and thus myself not to harm, then you must be important, what services are provided in the cabin, what lamps for tanning are and how productive you can give advice and help in the choice of means for children.
A good tan you can get in any Solarium – horizontal and vertical. But to start your visit to try a vertical. Find out how much a bulb (should be 42 to 48), and how much they have worn out. It is not necessary to go there where rarely change the bulb because it will not get a good tan. But new traders should not get a tan if the bulb worked less than 50 hours, as it is likely to burn quickly.
The first time should not stay in the tanning bed more than 3-4 minutes the second time (not earlier than 48 hours) you can increase the time even for a minute, but it all depends on your color type.
Make a plan for visits. To get the desired color and fasten it enough to go to the Solarium no more than three weeks at two or three times a week. In any case stay in one session for more than 15 minutes, in any case can not – it will warn you every oncologist. After obtaining the desired tan take a break for at least a month before you go to the Solarium again.
Before coming to the Solarium, do not use deodorant, take a bath or shower and remove make-up. To protect you will need: a skin cream, moisturizing lip balm, hat or scarf on the hair, stikine (stickers on the nipples), or napkins, glasses. Of course, there is a risk of bright circles around the eyes, if you wear glasses, so many just turn a blind eye. But the choice is yours.
Sunscreen is better to buy in the sunroom, as usual, to the sun's rays, in this case. But for the first time, the cream might not take need tan "clutch" and so on.