Basic rules of use of the Solarium

Before going to the Solarium should take a shower and clean the skin of makeup. This will allow ultraviolet rays more intense to affect the epithelium.
This procedure should be carried out for a few hours before tanning, otherwise you run the risk of burn, which adversely affect your skin and General health.

Decide on the type of Solarium. In "lying" tanning lamp combined with the A - and B-radiation, ie sunburn manifest not only fast enough, but for a long time and will stay on the skin. These models are equipped with special air conditioning, a sound system, so that tanning, you can listen to your favorite music.
Before you plunge into a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, ensure that the sunbed is clean and disinfected. It is best if this procedure salon worker will spend before your eyes.

There are also vertical tanning beds, which have their advantages: they are quite powerful, so should not be abused by ultraviolet - session should not exceed 10 minutes. In terms of hygiene they are convenient - you don't have to come into contact with the surface.
To enhance the tanning choose a Solarium with new lamps only in this case, you can count on a lasting deep tan.

In an effort to darken, do not forget about the protection - cap on his head, goggles and , of course, stikine on nipples and large moles.

After the procedure should not take a shower for two hours - let the sun to gain a foothold on the skin.
Now there's a new feature - Solarium with a shower. Moisture attracts stronger ultraviolet light, and the shade comes out more natural.

Little secrets quick tan

If you want to tan, do not give up special funds, which are sold here in stores - creams, lotions, oils. They contain activators and accelerators production of melanin in the body. These funds contribute to obtaining a deeper tan, reducing time spent in the cockpit, which is important for the health of your skin.

There are special drops - "Vetoron", you can buy them at any pharmacy. The main component in their structure, beta-carotene affecting fast display of sun. Drops should be drinking of the user, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Faster tanning help some food. In this list were carrots and carrot juice - catalysts selection of melanin. Also enhance the tan, peaches, melon, tomatoes, and broccoli.