Determine the type of skin

The time of tanning is determined mainly by the type of your skin. The first type is Celtic, with very fair skin, blonde or red hair, often with freckles. such people practically do not tan in the sun their skin turns red and burns quickly. Representatives of the Celtic type, it is better not to go to the Solarium, but prefer a bronzer.

The second type is a Nordic - also has fair skin and light brown hair. This type of skin during the sun first turns red and then darkens. Nordic type should also be careful with the sun and start the tanning sessions in the Solarium 2-3 minutes, increasing the time to 10.

The third type is middle Eastern, the most common in Russia. Middle Eastern skin can be light or dark, and her hair from brown to chestnut. This type is tanned, but significant results will take a long time. It is recommended to start tanning with 5 minutes and increase to 15.

The fourth type, the Mediterranean, has dark skin and dark hair, he tans very well and almost never burns. Fourth type you can start a session with 5-7 minutes and increase up to 20.

The fifth type is called the Indonesian, his representatives very dark skin and dark hair. This type of skin almost never occurs in Russia. Basically, he doesn't need more tan, but you can walk a bit in the Solarium to recharge the vitamin D emitted from the ultraviolet light. Best time of the session - 5-10 minutes.
Solarium not only gives the skin a beautiful shade, but also contributes to the treatment of certain skin diseases.

Follow the rules of tanning

No matter how much time you can sunbathe between the first and second session must be at least 48 hours. During this time the skin gets used to the strange effects of UV light, and you will see that you have correctly identified your type. To achieve the desired result, you need to have a course of tanning sessions within 3-4 weeks. Soak 2-3 times a week, gradually increasing time by 1-2 minutes to the maximum recommended values. To maintain the tan go to the tanning salon once in a week and a half.
It is not recommended to combine natural sun tanning and tanning sessions.

Use of the Solarium is necessary to protect the skin, eyes and hair. Girls also need to protect the nipple area - there are special stickers-stikine. Hair put on disposable shower cap and eye - glasses. For the body use the cream for tanning - he's different from the usual cream with UV-filters. Cream for tanning can be a warming - up for a more intense tan with bronzers to give the skin a dark shade, with Golden sequins for Golden sun, cooling for skin prone to burns. Typically, these additional funds are sold at the tanning salon.