Before visiting the Solarium.

Solariums are very popular in our time, because after a few sessions of tanning you can in cold weather to impress others with the beauty of his dark skin. A tan hides skin imperfections, helps to fight acne and inflammation, also it goes for almost everyone. However, if you visit the Solarium constantly, you can hurt yourself - skin, constantly exposed to UV, aging rapidly, losing elasticity.
It is better to refrain from tanning, if you have very light, sensitive skin or if you are under 15 years.

Before visiting the Solarium you need to know contraindications to this procedure. If you are going to enjoy the "artificial sun" for the first time, before that it is better to consult a specialist. For example, the Solarium is contraindicated to young people up to 15 years, people with skin diseases, the owners of thin and very sensitive skin, people with damage to the skin, pregnant and lactating women.

How to sunbathe in the Solarium.

Right sunbathing is very simple. Before a session you need to take a shower to wash off all that makeup. On the body you need to apply tools for effective tanning. In beauty salons are sold cream for different skin type with different effects: hydration, nutrition, enhancement of the tanning effect. Such tools, bronzers always contain UV filters that protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Don't forget to apply to the lips lip balm to protect them.

If the body has moles, and they stick on to the nipple area stikine, so you protect those tender areas of my body. To tan went smoothly, taking off the jewelry. Take hair in a ponytail and hide under a special cap. After visiting the Solarium is better to take a shower and apply body cream after sun, moisturizing the skin, helping to strengthen swarthy skin tone.

Before going to the Solarium don't forget to put on the face moisturizing cream with UV filters.

To start the tanning sessions better with 2-3 minutes and gradually increasing the time to 10 minutes (no more). To maintain a Golden skin tone you'll need to visit a Solarium 5-7 times, making intervals between visits in 2-3 days, gradually increasing the time spent in the Solarium.

Should not visit the Solarium year round, it can harm the health. It is best to visit a Solarium systematically 2 times a year - fall and spring. Then you will not only get a nice tan, but also strengthen the immunity, improve performance and lift your mood.

To support baleriny a tan, you must use special after-sun products.