A few hours before visiting the Solarium, take a shower with a neutral gel or moisturizing cream. Go to the sauna, as from the skin out moisture, which can cause redness, peeling and even burn after the procedure.
Scrubs, masks and ordinary cream do not use on body – it may have a negative impact on the tone and evenness of tan. Also, do not use perfumes and deodorants, as they contain chemicals that interact with ultraviolet light.
When you first visit the Solarium consult your doctor about the duration and intensity of the procedure. You can sunbathe no more than a day. Usually enough for 8 sessions, then you can use the Solarium once a week to pin down the tone.
Before you start to take "sun baths", apply professional cream to help prevent redness and drying of the skin. If you want to sunbathe Topless, the nipples attach special disposable stikine (special stickers to protect the ghosting). To be in the Solarium without them is not recommended, especially after 30 years, when they begin to occur age-related changes in the mammary glands.
Wear a head cap to avoid exposing the hair to the adverse effects of ultraviolet light. And eyes protect special glasses. A burn of the mucous membrane may also occur, so don't neglect protection equipment.
After the procedure, apply on the body of developer tan. Then use instead of regular milk with a special top coat to the chocolate color of the skin is preserved much longer.