First and foremost remember about the optimal time interval. Beautiful, and most importantly healthy tan, you do not get if you will regularly linger too long under the lamps. First visit to the Solarium in any case should not exceed five minutes.
Directly before the procedure with a shower cap or scarf cover your hair. This is necessary in order for them not to overdry. Also, be sure nadette glasses with special lenses that protect the retina from excess ultraviolet radiation.
Light, the skin must be treated with special cream. Do not attempt to reduce the number of sessions in the Solarium when using a cream bronzer, for tanning or moisturizing cream. They increases the action of the rays on the skin. You risk to burn. But if this will happen regularly, and skin cancer.
Before visiting the Solarium should not be done with soap water treatments. Always remove makeup from the skin. In addition, before not take any medicines. As much as possible drink. It is better to prefer mineral water without gas or green tea.
If you're over 30 years old, under the rays of ultraviolet light are not fully abnegates. In addition, carefully protect the chest from sunburn. Impact on breast cancer ultraviolet light can cause a number of diseases, including cancer. After visiting the Solarium for 15-20 minutes sit down or lie down to quietly in the silence of the rest.
In the spring and in the winter when the body lacks sunlight, Solarium even useful. After these procedures, the appearance of the skin improves, as well as on the face pores. It is prescribed in complex therapy during treatment of psoriasis.