First read all the questions in the questionnaire. If there are similar (this is done with the aim of obtaining more reliable information), answer them. Of course, it is necessary to give a true and identical information.
Usually the first are questions about passport information. Don't answer them from memory, clear all of the document.
Do not skip any question, answer all. If a question seems challenging to you, answer it at the end of filling of the questionnaire. Never write the truth. Almost all your answers can be easily checked. If there is a column indicating the skills that you don't have, answer honestly, but add that you are easily trained. Write beautiful, legible handwriting, even if it takes a lot of time.
Read the question carefully before you answer it. Filling the column on the previous places of work, view the first or last three places you need to specify whether you need the full date of admission and dismissal. Specify the phone numbers of all employers who can give you positive feedback. Write them even if no such issue in the questionnaire. Be sure to as much detail as possible answer the questions about their achievements in work and job responsibilities.
If the questionnaire has questions about your strengths and weaknesses, think carefully before you answer them. If you directly talk about their carelessness, indiscipline, laziness and other things, you are unlikely to get even to the interview. Shortcomings, specify those that can't stop the workflow. For example, Shopaholic. So you fill in the right column, but this disadvantage will not affect the attitude of the employer towards you. The positive qualities, on the contrary, you need to specify those that are relevant to the job. Mark your artistry, punctuality or good knowledge of the Russian language.
If there is a column on the expected earnings (many employers to discuss the pay issues just for the interview), do not underestimate and do not uprate their demands. Both can lead to the fact that you will not take on the job. Remember, what level of wages offered for such jobs. Enter this figure in the appropriate column.
Fill out the form correctly. If you do not know how to spell a particular word, replace it. Don't forget the punctuation, because they can radically change the entire meaning of the sentence.
Do not write a detailed answer to the question about your Hobbies, you will need two or three points. The issue of personal qualities avoid cliches, it is better to specify what do you can be proud of. For example, stress tolerance, high performance and responsibility are common. And, of course, such words the employer runs through the eyes, not really thinking of them. But if you write about what you can work on several projects, know how to make decisions, are responsible for everything you have done, look involuntarily linger on these phrases and you will be able to rely on the higher rating your abilities.