To fill in the questionnaire usually offers a service or Department personnel. The questionnaire is often read by the head of Department, in which you expect to receive, and head of the firm. So treat this questionnaire seriously, because at the moment it's your face. Try to present the candidate in a favorable light.
When filling out the questionnaire, it is important to show its accuracy and thoroughness. You'd better not to answer questions, but do not delay. Typically, the filling of standard questionnaire 4-5 leaves takes 15-20 minutes. Answer all the questions, try not to skip anything. Often empty spaces say about the uncontrollability of man: he could not cope with the first task entrusted to him in the firm.
Fill out the form in neat handwriting, if you write ugly, try to write in block letters. Specify all possible contacts: mobile and home phone numbers, e-mail address. If something in your profile will seem incomprehensible, and you will interest the employer he will be able to clarify the issue on the phone.
It is important when filling out the questionnaire to pay attention to employment. Be sure to include full name of the organization where you worked, your position, part-time, long travel, professional successes and achievements and reasons for leaving. All information in the questionnaire should be reliable. Large companies have their own security service, which verifies the newly arrived candidates. So providing false information may lead to the fact that you simply refuse to work.
To complete the questionnaire you may need the following documents: passport, labour book, military card, documents on education, and others. So don't forget them when you go to a job interview.